Week 121 - What has made me happy

It has been another good week. It's so nice to be writing that two weeks in a row. We seem more settled and I am getting into more of a routine at home. It's difficult when you're self-employed. I am finding that I need to be quite strict about what I spend my time doing. If it were up to me, I would probably watch YouTube videos for a large portion of the day! Luckily I know I have to crack on with B&B work, blogging and looking after the children. I am making the most of spending time with my daughter. She starts school in September and it seems to be coming round so fast. I am really relishing the fact that this is the first time in three years that I haven't been in the midst of essay hell. Graduating from university definitely has some bonuses!

Without further ado, here is what has made me happy this week...

Yorkshire Dales sunsetYorkshire sunset

  • Stunning sunsets. The first lit up the whole sky, turning it first gold, then pink, then blue. 
  • The second looked as though someone had painted it on. It's so nice that it's setting just that little bit later these days!

Tulips in sunlighttulips and lychees

  • Tulips on the windowsill in sunshine. I love tulips. The way they turn their heads to the sun and dance in the light.
  • Lychees and tulips - my favourite things to buy from the market. This time I bought a huge box of lychees. They're all gone now!

Yorkshire Dales sunriseSunrise sunglare

  • I know I say this nearly every week, but there have been some breathtaking sunrises this week. The first peek of the sun over the top of the hills makes my heart skip with joy. I love taking these pictures, but they are made extra special on days like these.

Yorkshire Dales sheepYorkshire Dales sunrise sheep

  • Sheep also feature in most of my weekly posts. I love the way they look straight at you when you photograph them.
  • The light in this picture and the mist in the background. It was such a beautiful morning.

aconitesminiature daffodils

  • Flashes of colour arriving in the garden. These aconites are springing up everywhere and giving us a sign of what is to come.
  • Daffodils. I bought these for my children and they have really enjoyed watching them grow and flower.

spring caterpillarLadybird on thumb

  • I spent a couple of hours gardening on Saturday and in that time we discovered some unusual wildlife for this time of year. There was a little caterpillar, curled up and vibrantly green. It was still alive, but I couldn't see how it would survive in these temperatures.
  • My son loved how long this ladybird walked over his hands for. Crawling all over his fingers, before eventually finding the highest point and taking off!

Frosty plantFrost in snowflake pattern

  • I went out on Sunday morning to take pictures of the frost! I am amazed at how it forms and the tiny icicles which point upwards.
  • This frost was just on my car bonnet, spreading out in snowflake patterns across the whole area.
How about you? What are the things which have made you happy this week?

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What has made me happy