Week 122 - what has made me happy

It has been another busy week. The final week of school before the holidays was filled with fun and dressing up days. At the weekend we had guests staying in the B&B and my son had football followed by rugby. For once I was able to go to watch him play both. He had his first ever rugby match and I was so proud to see him score two tries. We went to a friends house for dinner on Sunday and I made sure I ate loads because I knew I was starting a detox the next morning. The past two days have been tough and I am seriously looking forward to eating again tomorrow night.

Bruce the catChocolate cupcakes

  • My cat Bruce absolutely fast asleep in front of the AGA. I think he'd had a tough day sleeping!
  • Baking cupcakes at home. My children adore decorating cupcakes and I'm amazed at how few of the decorations actually end up on the cakes!

Messy painting

  • My daughter painting a parrot from her weekend box. It got a bit messy!

cardboard box car

  • We then painted a giant IKEA box and turned it into a super car. It was brilliant fun and all the family got involved. Both the children and the cats have enjoyed playing in it since!

Rainy dayRural traffic

  • It was a shame to see a rainy morning, but good for the garden, because we haven't actually had much rain.
  • A rural traffic jam! These quad bikes are everywhere and made me giggle when we got stuck behind them.

Folded ironing
  • I finally got all the school uniform ironing done. It was just a shame that it was the evening my son broke up from school. At least it will all be done for when he goes back next week.

frosty sunrise

  • A sunny day again after some rainy mornings!
How about you? What are the things which have made you happy this week?

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What has made me happy