Week 123 - What has made me happy

Well, I survived half term. The first couple of days my daughter was at nursery and my son was at sports club, so it was business as usual at the B&B. The first day we all had together was a trip to the National Media Museum on possibly the busiest day ever. We only lasted an hour before we had to leave (you can check out my vlog here). Then the children seemed to bicker through the rest of the day, sniping at each other and generally not getting on! Friday was better, we went to soft play and spent some time with their old childminder. My daughter misses her so much and I love to see how close she is to the other children. My daughter surprised us all by riding her big brother's bike on Saturday morning. She is nearly four and I am incredibly impressed with her. The rest of the weekend was good, but again there was a lot of bickering. I hope we can sort this phase out before the Easter or summer holidays because it's so frustrating listening to the two of them being mean to each other. There have been lovely moments though, things which made me smile. So without further ado, here is what has made me happy this week...

AconitesTulips in the sunshine

  • Aconites in the garden. The snowdrops are lovely, but these aconites give such a vibrant splash of yellow. It's so nice to finally see some colour outside in the garden.
  • More tulips. I love them. The colours of this bunch are different too and they have been going a week now but are still blooming.
Cat in a boxHungry pheasant

  • My cat Bruce in a box. He loves boxes. If I hadn't had to fill it with party bags, I am sure he would still be in it!
  • This cheeky pheasant outside the kitchen window begging for scraps. He was in luck as my daughter was being fussy with her lunch, so he got all the crusts!
Girl riding a bike for the first timeBoy reading a book

  • Watching my daughter riding her big brother's bike. She was so good but doesn't quite have the confidence to do it more regularly. I don't want to push it because I know she'll be ready soon.
  • Watching my son read a book. Only a few months ago he was struggling with reading at school, but then it all clicked and he is enjoying it now. Every night he reads us a bedtime story and I love it!
Cat playing dress upYorkshire Dales view

  • Poor Bruce being dressed up by my daughter, who adores him. I am not so sure that he wanted to play dress up though!
  • Finally a sunny morning after the rain and snow which has been all around this week.

  • Crocuses in the garden. They are so delicate and I love the different shades of lilac that exist within their petals.
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What has made me happy