Dear beautiful boy...

Dear beautiful boy...

This week you turn six. On Monday I drove past the hospital you were born in and thought about your appearance into the world. I spent my labour watching Dr Who on my ipod (ipads weren't around much then)! Six seems very old. I love watching you grow and change.

You have an amazing sense of justice. Last year you went to the cinema with Daddy to watch the Muppets, but you left because you couldn't cope with the fact that an evil frog was pretending to be Kermit. I love that you have such a sense of right and wrong!

boy climbing wall
Sadly your sense of justice doesn't extend to when you play football! I have never seen a child fall to the ground in "agony" like you do. I'm not even sure where you get it from, you don't watch much football.

You love sport. When we moved to live at super-grandma's, you started playing football on Saturdays and rugby on Sundays. Watching you play sport makes me so ridiculously proud. The enjoyment you get from both football and rugby is amazing and I love seeing how far you have progressed. When you are on the pitch, you practically skip you are so excited!

SiblingsBoy cleaning

Your reading and writing have progressed in leaps and bounds this school year. I am so, so proud of you and the effort you have put into it. I love the little notes and drawings you leave us.

I am also proud of how you settled into your new school. Moving school is a huge thing and you took it all in your stride. Your new friends are wonderful and it's great to be able to bring them home and play in the garden.

boy ice skating

You like to be doing. If you could be, you would be playing football constantly! When I asked you what you want to be when you grow up, you said a footballer or a cyclist. I think the Tour de France coming through our town last year played a huge part in that.

boy sitting on rock

You are funny too. At Christmas all the decorations disappeared from the Christmas tree. When I asked where they had gone, you were rather coy! It turned out that you had put them on the floor by the windows in case any burglars came! That'll teach me to let you watch Home Alone!

Keep doing what you're doing, my sensitive, lovely boy. You are wonderful and I adore you.

Love, Mummy. x

P.S. I made you a video too!