February month in a minute

Thank you so much to everyone who joined in last month and I look forward to seeing your February videos!

February has been a good month. Definitely a lot more positive than January. We have kept busy and enjoyed half term. My daughter has had a go at riding a bike for the first time. It has been so nice to have a month without having to write essays. Every year at university I have had at least three essays due at this time of year, so it has always been rather stressful before,

The B&B has had a steady trickle of visitors and we are enjoying the calm because we are fully booked every weekend from May to July which will be very busy! It's nice to still welcome guests in the quieter months though.

I am starting to prepare for March, which holds both children's birthdays. This year they are having a joint party, which could be incredibly messy! I am looking forward to it though as we haven't ever done a joint party before.

Without further ado, here is my February video.

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