Getting gunged by my children for Comic Relief

 I am sure it hasn't escaped your notice that tomorrow is Red Nose Day and the UK will be doing it's best to raise money for Comic Relief by doing silly things or, "making their face funny for money". Persil very kindly sent us a kit for my children to make gunge and tip it over my head to make my face funny! Obviously my children didn't need much persuasion to chuck a bucket of cold gunge over my head. In fact, they thought it was hilarious (just listen to my daughter's giggle in the video).

Getting gunged by my kids
If you want to make your own gunge, this is what you will need: a saucepan or bowl, a wooden spoon, a large bowl or bucket and a measuring jug.

350ml of water
3 to 4 srops of blue paint powder
140g of corn flour

To make the gunge, pour 350ml of warm tap water to a small saucepan or bowl, and then wait until it is cool enough for you to put your hands in. Pour 250ml of the warm water into a bowl (leaving 100ml to one side). Add three to four drops of the blue powder paint until the water is about a shade darker than you want the gunge to be. Mix the water and paint well with a spoon until fully mixed.

Measure 140g og corn flour and place it into a separate large-sized bowl or bucket.

Pour the coloured water slowly into the bowl with the corn flour. Then get stuck in, either with your fingers or a spoon to mix the ingredients together.

Leave the gunge to cool for 20 minutes and then the gunge is ready!

Gunge on head

I think my children enjoyed it a bit too much! Although, to be fair, who wouldn't want to cover their mum in gunge?

Thanks to Persil for sending us a limited edition Persil Small and Mighty with it's very own silly face. It was certainly very useful in getting the gunge off my clothes (which had somehow even made it into my knickers)! Luckily all the gunge came out after just one wash, so what are you waiting for? Get cracking on with making the gunge and letting your children cover you! They have agreed to donate some of their birthday money to Comic Relief for being able to cover me with gunge!

Red Nose Day Silly Face

After all that gunge though, I think perhaps next year I might just make my face funny with a red nose and a wig! It involves slightly less mess and I stay rather warmer!

Here is the video I made of the occasion, which includes instructions on how to make your own gunge.

Disclosure: We were sent the kit to make the gunge, along with a promotional pack of Persil.