TalkTalk Netflix Review

When we moved to my Grandma's back in July, one of the bonuses of living here was that there is a hand-me-down smart TV which had Netflix on it. It was still signed in to my cousin's account (the one who had given my grandma the TV), so initially we watched a couple of episodes of Orange is the New Black and The Good Wife, to see what Netflix had to offer.

Needless to say, it wasn't long before we signed up for our own Netflix account and we soon discovered Breaking Bad. That was the beginning of our addiction (to Netflix, not crystal meth). We whizzed through all the series and when it finished we started on House of Cards. I absolutely love House of Cards and it has made me laugh, cry and physically jump. At the moment we're in the middle of the second series and it's fabulous!

TalkTalk Netflix

I hadn't realised initially that there were so many children's programmes either. There are absolutely tons and my children really enjoy watching Spongebob Squarepants and all the LEGO cartoons. My daughter also watched Walking with Dinosaurs a few days ago and absolutely loved it. I really like that the children's profile is separate from the adult profile, meaning they can't end up watching something which isn't suitable for them (Breaking Bad for example).

It has now reached the point where we very rarely watch 'normal' TV. There are no adverts on Netflix and that makes such a welcome change from watching programmes. The only downside to our new addiction was that the smart TV is in the living room., which is only heated when we have guests, so is rather chilly at the moment! When I heard that TalkTalk customers can now access Netflix, I was very pleased. It means that we can now watch in the kitchen (which is warm thanks to the AGA)!

If you are already a TalkTalk customer then you might need to run an update on your YouView box. That's what we had to do and after that it worked straight away! If you are thinking about joining TalkTalk, you can find out more information here.

Disclosure: I am a TalkTalk blogger and this post is in association with TalkTalk.