Week 126 - What has made me happy

This week has been busy. The end of last week saw me rushing round with the children, attending school Easter concerts at church, taking children to and from swimming lessons, and looking after our guests. The B&B is starting to pick up and we are getting busier. It's good for me to have a few days getting used to attending to guests when my husband and also my business partner are not around. It's difficult to juggle everything on those days, but I get through it with a smile!

We had a lovely night away, we went to Scarborough on Friday night after school and stayed in the Youth Hostel. I always think it's good fun sleeping in bunk beds! I ended up taking the children along the cliff path 'for fun' on our way back to the hostel. My timing was poor though and it was pretty dark by the time we arrived back. Luckily they hadn't felt my fear and I am so glad my phone has a torch on it! I know not to head out along treks as the sun is setting when I am alone with the children! We live and learn. We went to Sealife Scarborough on the Saturday and you can see my review here.

Without further ado, here is what has made me happy this week...

Inquisitive penguin
  • This inquisitive penguin. It was so intrigued with my daughter and the pair of them spent ages looking at each other.
  • My children cuddling. It really is lovely when they hug. If I manage to capture it, I get something to look at when they are both fighting!
Weedy Sea Dragon
  • This jellyfish. The way they move in water is completely mesmerising and my daughter loved watching the colours changing.
  • This weedy sea dragon (yes, I believe that actually is it's name)! This is possibly the oddest creature I have ever seen and it made me laugh out loud when I saw it!
Bright Beach huts
  • These beach huts make my heart sing. The colours are so vibrant and even on a rainy day, they brighten the sky. I love them.
girl with no shoes
  • My daughter refusing to wear her shoes to walk to school to pick up her brother. I know which battles to pick now and this wasn't one of them! I kind of grudgingly admire her!
  • The sun setting on Scarborough castle. It was so picturesque, and lovely to be at the seaside!

  • Snow! I knew it was forecast, so I was prepared last Thursday morning. It was quite nice to see it again, and I think it might be back tomorrow too!
  • My daughter's first ever drawing of me. I love it! My face is smiling and I have crazy hair and great legs.
Yorkshire Dales sunrise
  • Sunny mornings. It has been on and off weather wise this week. Not long after I took this picture, it was hailing. It's nice to start the day with the sunshine though!
Scarborough panorama
  • This #autoawesome that G+ made for me. Such a great panorama of the beach at Scarborough!
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What has made me happy