What has made me happy - week 125

Sorry for the break over the past two weeks. We have had a lot of illness in the house and we have all been laid low for a while. My blog took a bit of a back seat, as it should on such occasions. I have still been making sure I see the good in everything and make the most of the day (even if that means staying in bed until I feel better). I won't try and catch up on the last few weeks, but will start afresh with this week. 

Without further ado, here is what has made me happy this week:

Spring butterflyFeather with water droplets
  • Finding a butterfly in one of the guest bedrooms. I was cleaning and found it fluttering by the window. I let it fly out of the window and it soon disappeared.
  • Spotting this tiny feather on the driveway. It was covered in droplets from the drizzle which had been falling down.
Cat in wheelbarrow
  • Bruce the cat rolling round in a rusty wheelbarrow in the sunshine.
Swimming certificatesFrozen cobweb
  • My son did really well in his swimming and got two certificates last week. I am so proud of him because he has really struggled moving from a shallow to a deep pool.
  • Freezing fog. This in itself didn't make me happy, but the impact it had on all the plants and cobwebs was incredibly beautiful. 
Picnic in MarchToddler driving a car
  • Sunday was gorgeous and my son requested a picnic. It was a perfect idea, so he sat out in the sunshine and enjoyed his picnic after his rugby practice.
  • My four year old daughter driving our car. She loves doing this and likes to take the wheel at the top of the drive down to the house!
Frozen hazlenut bush
  • The frost on these hazlenut catkins. It forms in such a gorgeous way and looked amazing before it melted.
Poorly girlSibling hug
  • My daughter has been poorly, which obviously doesn't make me happy. But she fell asleep on me, which hasn't happened since she was a baby and it was wonderful.
  • My son has been looking out for her too, making sure that she is ok and I adore this picture of them walking home from school.

  • Sunday was so warm and we went to the park and then down to the river, spotting lots of sheep seeking safety on the tops of the hill.
  • My daughter offered a sheep her ice cream, but it didn't seem impressed!

  • Sunshine! This never fails to make me happy. Waking up to the sun shining down just lifts your soul in the morning.
  • This lone sheep wandering across our path, but keeping a close eye on us. The backdrop behind it is sensational!
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What has made me happy