Fruit Heroes Review

We have been trying out Fruit Heroes, a new lunchbox snack. They have no preservative or added sugar, are high in fibre and one bar counts as one of your five a day. My son no longer has a lunchbox at school, due to free school dinners, but my daughter takes a packed lunch to nursery on the days she is there.

Fruit Heroes Strawberry bars
My daughter has always been a fussy eater, she doesn't really like bread, wraps, muffins, or anything you would think of to put in a child's lunchbox. When we got her Yumbox, what she ate at lunchtime improved, and to be fair, she has always eaten lots of fruit and vegetables. It seems that she doesn't really like bread products! However, when it came to Fruit Heroes, in spite of the fact that they are made from naturally grown ingredients, she didn't like them. In all honesty, I think it's the texture that she isn't keen on and if she just tried it she would like the taste.

Fruit heroes snack

My son has also been trying Fruit Heroes over the Easter holidays as he has been taking packed lunches to sports club. He has always been good at eating most foods, including fruit, so it was no surprise to me that he really enjoyed the Fruit Hero bars. They have become a firm favourite with him and he often has one when he gets back in from school and is hungry. The sugar levels in so many other children's snacks are so high and this is something I researched when I was writing my dissertation last year. Fruit Heroes bars don't have any added sugar, but do contain naturally occurring sugars.

Eating fruit heroes

I have also tried them, my favourite being apple and raspberry. I now keep one in my handbag as a snack if I get hungry when I am out, because they only have 60 calories. As I'm on a calorie controlled diet thanks to my doctor, it's nice to find a snack which fills you up nicely but is low in calories. I am also looking forward to trying them in home baking. I think I might make some muffins with them.

They are a hit in our household with my son and I and I am still working on getting my daughter to try them properly!

For more information, check out Fruit Heroes' website.

Disclosure: We were sent some bars of each flavour Fruit Heroes for the purpose of review. This had no impact on the post, which is honest and fair.