The Photo Gallery - Colour

The Photo Gallery - Week 227

I took this picture this morning. The sun was shining down and my daughter and I were heading up the street to her nursery. We had said hello to the dog who sits in an office staring longingly out of the window, although he always tries not to make eye contact with my daughter. It is a nice walk. Probably about half a mile. Long enough for little legs. So we stop often. We look at things. We take notice of everything around us. We hop from cobble to cobble, making sure not to step on the gaps in case the bears come and get us!

When I took this picture we had paused outside a lovely little shop. We were watching the bees collecting pollen on the tree hanging in the dappled sunshine. I grabbed my phone and snapped the picture. Once I had dropped my daughter off and headed home, I got my phone out to look at the snap. I was amazed by the colours. From the pink of the flowers, the black, white and ginger of the bee to the grey of the dry stone wall. The colours are amazing and I realised this would be the perfect picture for this week's gallery theme.

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