Week 127 - What has made me happy

Klaxon, we are surviving the Easter holidays. I repeat, we are surviving the Easter holidays. In previous years, all school holidays have been a complete nightmare, but we are doing pretty well so far. I have spent a fair amount of time with our children and I am really enjoying their company. I know that shouldn't sound like a surprise, but given their behaviour when they are together sometimes, it really is! We went to Betty's in Harrogate last week, followed by the theatre (to see Chris and Pui), we have visited farms, chilled out and gone on a seven mile hike!

Easter was slightly stressful, we had twenty-one different guests staying over the three day weekend. It was very hard work and I am slightly wary of what is to come as our busy season hits us! We will see what happens.

Here is what has made me happy this week...

Newborn lambNewly born lamb and ewe
  • Newborn lambs. They are just so ridiculously cute. My son asked me what it was I thought was cute about lambs and I couldn't really describe it, they just make me happy.
  • Seeing three lambs being born. I think it's incredible and it's just amazing to watch it happen.

Piglets suckling

  • Piglets. This sow had around twelve piglets and they were just so cute.

Easter cakeHow to make a rainbow cake
  • I made a rainbow cake for Easter and I actually squealed when I cut it open and saw that it had worked! It tasted absolutely delicious too and I am glad we had so many people over because we managed to eat it all.

Yorkshire Dales sunshineDirty feet

  • Sunshine. Sunny mornings and blue skies. It has meant we spent a lot of time outside, including planting seeds in the greenhouse ready for the summer.
  • My daughter's dirty feet. She got them very dirty in the soil in the greenhouse and then walked over to me and said "Mummy, take a picture of my dirty feet, then take it off your phone and put it on the wall in my bedroom". I have ordered the canvas already!

Hebden Gill

  • We went on a seven mile walk on Monday. It was kind of impromptu and a bit longer than we had thought. I was seriously impressed with my son walking all that way. He didn't moan much either. It was nice to get out after a weekend of looking after guests. The sunshine definitely helped too!

Rocks and blue skyYorkshire Dales sheep

  • The contrast of the sky against the dark rocks on the tops of the dales.
  • Spotting sheep trying to hide behind walls as we walked past.

  • The mist rolling away over the hills as the sun shines down on the valley. We have had quite a few misty starts to the day, but they have all cleared to be such gorgeous sunny days.
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What has made me happy