Week 128 - What has made me happy

I think I may have spoken too soon about my children getting on during the Easter holidays! Luckily they didn't fall out until the final weekend of the holidays, and by then I had backup in the form of my husband! We have had a good week though, followed by a nice(ish) weekend away (for more see my Ocean Edge Park Resort review video on YouTube).  It's been another full week though, albeit with fewer guests at the B&B, so we could chill out a bit.

Here is what has made me happy this week...

Colouring inFondant fancies

  •  We went to an event organised by Appliances Online (post to follow soon) and got to go to Eureka in Halifax, which both children really enjoyed.
  • Cakes! I was sent some cakes to enjoy and enjoy them I did. Ironically I had just been looking at a recipe to make fondant fancies when the cakes arrived!
Bluebells in gardenhyacinths in flowerbed
  •  Bluebells in the garden. The splashes of colour appearing everywhere are such a delight to see.
  • This flowerbed in Happy Mount Park in Morecambe. You could smell the hyacinths from the gate of the park. They were wonderful!
Cucumber seedlingOcean Edge caravan
  • The seeds I planted last week are starting to grow. The first ones up are cucumbers and I am looking forward to planting them in the greenhouse!
  • Sunshine. This was the view from our caravan this weekend in Heysham. It was really nice to see the sun, but it was very rarely in the sky! 
Park resorts entertainmentScary seagulls
  • The entertainment at Ocean Edge, in Heysham. The children really loved the evenings there and it was nice to see them enjoying themselves.
  • Seagulls. These have only really made me happy because my children thought it was very funny that I was scared of them! I don't know what it is about seagulls, but they freak me out and always have.
Reel cinema popcorn
  •  Eating popcorn at the cinema. It rained so much that we had to find something to do, so we went to watch The Spongebob Movie. The film was OK, but the popcorn was good!
Spinning in teacups in the parkHeysham sunset

  • Watching my daughter spinning in a teacup in the park. She giggled and giggled whilst spinning round really fast. When she got off, she was rather unsteady.
  • Watching the sun set from the holiday park. It was so nice to be by the sea (even if there was a nuclear power station just to the right of this picture).

Spring blossomAliums

  • Spring blossom. We are always a bit behind with the seasons up here, and the trees have only just started to blossom.
  • These aliums in the garden. I love their spherical nature. Something about that pleases me!

Yorkshire Dales sceneryYorkshire Dales sunshine

  • The different views we have here each morning. The sunshine has been so nice to see in the mornings and it has been gorgeously warm too!

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What has made me happy