Week 129 - what has made me happy

It's been another busy week, which has been hindered slightly by some particularly poor behaviour from my daughter. We are trying to work out what an earth to do with her. Everything which worked for my son doesn't work at all with her and we are becoming rather stumped! That aside, we've had a good week. This weekend saw us finally burying Grandma's ashes in the local church. I felt sad taking the box down to the church because she had been perched on a shelf in the kitchen since September and it felt right having the box there. However, she is in a gorgeous spot, and it gives us somewhere to go and think about her. Our friends came up on Saturday afternoon and we went on a gorgeous sunny walk with the children. It was nowhere near as long as the seven miles we did the other week, probably more like three, but it kept us entertained for a few hours! We also found out that my daughter will be going to the same school as my son. We weren't shocked by this. It's a small village school and the most that will be in her year is ten. It feels so nice to know she will be there too though. Now it's about making the most of the time we have together before she starts school in September!

Hungry duckScooby Doo on scooter
  • This hungry duck. She came so close to me, but I was one big disappointment to her, having nothing on me to give her!
  • My daughter coming home from nursery dressed as Scooby Doo. She does make me giggle.
Linton bridge
  • The walk down to the church to bury Grandma's ashes. It was such a glorious day and we picked daffodils from the garden to lay on her grave.

Looking for pooh sticks
  • Watching my daughter and our friend's children looking for their pooh sticks. They were so competitive!

  • My daughter taking this snail into nursery. They had great fun watching it crawl everywhere when she got in!

sunny morningsTulip
  • Gorgeous mornings. Not a cloud in the sky and warm enough for shorts and t-shirts. It is so nice not needing a coat when you leave the house.
  • This gorgeous tulip I saw at the bus stop! It was surrounded by fag ends, but the colours were so breathtaking!

  • Just looking out the window and seeing this view. It will never fail to make me happy!
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What has made me happy