Barbie Colour Me Cute Review

A doll whose top you can change and has a colour changing dog too! It sounded incredible, so when the opportunity arose, I knew my daughter would love to review it. If you have seen my previous Barbie review, you will know that was our first introduction to the world of Barbie, and my daughter adored it. The Barbie Colour Me Cute comes with a Barbie, a dog, a vanity stand, a wand and a bath for the dog. 

Barbie Colour Me Cute packaging
My daughter is obsessed with dogs and also loves science and seeing things change, so this seemed like the perfect combination for her. Barbie comes with a t-shirt which changes colour when wet. It reminded me of Global Hypercolour t-shirts from the early 90s, which were all the rage and changed colour with heat! They were, however, rather unflattering when they changed colour when you had been exercising!

Barbie Colour me cute dog

Barbie starts out with a white t-shirt and her dog is initially a mixture of blues and pinks. Barbie's top changes colour when it gets wet, it doesn't matter whether or not the water is hot or cold. You simply wet the little wand and dab it on the t-shirt to make it change. This means you can draw patterns on Barbie and it reveals the colours on her top. Her top transforms back to plain white when it dries off.

Barbie colour me cute vanity standBarbie colour me cute white dog

Barbie's dog (ours is called Josh), reacts similarly. When in hot water, it changes from multi-coloured to white. You can either make this change by dabbing it with warm water, or immersing it in the bath. Because you have the wand, you do not need to change the colour of all of the dog straight away, you can draw patterns on it and reveal the colours beneath. To change the dog back to multi-coloured, you have to apply cold water, again either by using the wand or submerging it in water. I will be interested to see how long the dog keeps changing colour for. I seem to recall that the t-shirts from the 90s all invariably ended up one colour and no longer changed, but I imagine that technology has changed loads since then!

Barbie colour me cute

The Barbie Colour Me Cute is a fantastic toy and brings a huge amount of entertainment. I really love the interactive nature and the scientific element of changing colours in this toy. My daughter has absolutely adored playing with it and (as long as we can keep all the pieces together) I think it will be a firm favourite for many years to come. This Barbie set is recommended for ages three and upwards and the retail price is £23.99.

Disclosure: We were sent this product for the purpose of review. This had no impact on my post, which is honest and fair.