Disney on Ice Review

My children and I were lucky enough to be asked to review Disney on Ice's current tour Magical Ice Festival. I managed to keep it a secret and didn't let slip to the children that we were going. When we arrived they were ridiculously excited and I have to admit that I was too. We haven't ever been to anything by Disney before, but they adore the films. Sadly we missed the first part of the show, the Little Mermaid, but I am told by others who were there that it was amazing. We came in just as Ariel was suspended from a rope spinning very high up which was an incredible stunt!

Tangled Disney on Ice

The sets were stunning and the attention to detail was amazing. My children had watched all the films featured and they knew the songs. They hadn't watched Tangled in a while, so possibly we need to rectify that! They had watched Beauty and the Beast that afternoon and sang along to Be our Guest. The skill involved in skating whilst dressed as a giant teapot is pretty high!

Be our guest Disney on Ice

My daughter's reaction to Mickey Mouse arriving confirmed that we definitely need to save up and take a trip to Disneyland Paris. She just adored every second and was completely enchanted by it.

Disney on Ice Mickey

During the interval I managed to find a reasonably priced treat for the children, ice cream at £2.50 a tub. The official merchandise was expensive but largely because it came with a gift (an Olaf mask, a cup or a bag). I just couldn't justify £10 for candy floss with a mask, because I would have had to buy two or the children would have fought!

Elsa Disney on Ice

When the Frozen section started there were huge cheers from around the arena. I have never heard so many excited children in one place before. My daughter squealed out loud when she knew that Elsa was behind the door. I have never known her so excited!

Olaf was wonderful and my son, who was wearing his Olaf top, shouted hello to him as he skated out. There were some wonderful comedy moments with Olaf which even made me laugh out loud. Those who played Sven were also seriously talented, it must be so, so hard to skate so well without really being able to see!

Elsa and Anna Disney on Ice

The whole of Frozen was wonderful. They stuck to the story well and featured all the top songs. For us, as well as so many of the others there, this was the best part of the show. It even snowed!

Disney on ice finale

I would highly recommend Disney on Ice. My son is six and my daughter is four and they both adored it. I'm 33 and I loved it too! It is totally magical and the skating is incredible. The performers are so talented and ice is such a wonderful medium for storytelling!

For more information on Disney on Ice, check out the website.

Disclosure: We were provided with tickets to Disney on Ice for the purpose of this review. This had no impact on my post, which is honest and fair.