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The Photo Gallery - Week 231

I feel very honoured to be the reason behind this week's theme. I met Tara at the first Cybher and she inspired me to begin taking photography seriously. Not too seriously, but thinking about shots and composition and light. Mainly light. It was not long after this that I started taking a 'good morning from' picture,  which I take most days without fail! They started as landscape views from our old house, with weekend pictures from my grandma's house. Now they are taken from her house every day, although sadly my grandma is no longer here to see them.

Yorkshire Dales sunrise

This picture was well timed, the sun making silhouettes on the sheep and glaring straight into the lens.
Yorkshire Dales view

This is the view on the way to my daughter's nursery. It's a one track road, but I try to pause at this spot to take in the beauty around us. I adore where we live. We are ridiculously lucky.

Yorkshire Dales landscape

Our guest bedrooms at the B&B I now run has the most amazing views in the world. It changes every single day, depending on the light, the weather and the seasons. It's gorgeous all year round though and I love it.

Thank you Tara for the theme, I am blessed with a very photogenic landscape!

I apologise if I don't respond to comments straight away, I am on holiday at the moment.

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