Week 131 - What has made me happy

The countdown has officially begun! To be honest, the unofficial countdown has been going on for a long time, but it is now under a week until we go on our first family holiday abroad in a hotel. To say I am excited is an understatement. In all honesty, I am slightly concerned that I am building my expectations up too much, but the promise of childcare and time alone by the pool reading a book is almost too good to be true! We have twelve guests staying on Friday night, so we are going to be in need of a break by the time we board a plane on Sunday!

This week has been rather chilly and rainy, interspersed with flashes of sun, a sign of the summer to come and a promise of warmer weather. 

Here's what has made me happy this week...

Betty's Harrogate
  • My husband and I took a trip to Betty's in Harrogate. It was a trip to sort out our re-mortgage, but we made the most of it with a treat for lunch! I love going to Betty's. There is something so decadent about it, even though a trip is not massively expensive!
fresh asparagus
  • Picking fresh asparagus from the garden. My husband and children don't like it, so the asparagus is all for me! Although I fear I may be sick of it in a few weeks.
Grown up colouring bookAmazing Yorkshire puddings
  • Taking a moment out. It's pretty rare. I bought a grown-up colouring book and my daughter and I coloured in our own books for fifteen minutes. It was long enough to drink a cup of tea and simply relax. Absolute bliss!
  • Eating Yorkshire puddings. I make exceptionally good ones, even if I do say so myself. My dad once was in the Guiness Book of Record for making the largest Yorkshire pudding in the world, so I think it could be genetic!
Seedlings in greenhouse
  • Pottering in the greenhouse. We have a huge plot to grow vegetables in and I am doing my best to live up to my Grandma's fabulous legacy of prize-winning vegetables and fruit! I am really enjoying the moments of peace in the greenhouse. It's warm in there and I can see why the seeds like it!
Spring blossomYorkshire Dales view
  • Seeing blossom on the trees and signs of life all around. The blossom is so delicate and falls to the ground like the most graceful confetti.
  • Sunny mornings. We have had some very changeable weather, but it has been nice to start the day with sunshine.
relaxed cat
  • Seeing our cat Bella completely relaxed. She is surprisingly rubbish at chilling out, so it is amazing to see her relaxed and happy.
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What has made me happy