Father's Day gifts from Truprint #TruprintDads

I never know what to get my husband for Father's Day, or for that matter, what to get my dad. The children usually make something at school, although disappointingly, there never seems to be quite as much effort made by the school as they do for Mother's Day. If you're reading Dad or Tim, click away now, I don't want to spoil anything for you.

My best friend sent me some craft things to do with the children, which included keyring men and magnets. We all got stuck into making things for Father's Day. My daughter drew my husband having a wee and my son drew a picture of a cat! I'm not entirely sure it was a successful craft session, but they didn't fight, so that's a win in my book.

When I received a voucher to spend at Truprint I was relieved to be honest. At least it meant that I would be able to give both my husband and my dad a 'proper' present each. After having a good look at Truprint's website, I decided on the items I though would be best. I love the idea of a magic mug, so I designed one for my dad and one for my husband. The magic mug is black initially but when you put anything hot into it, your amazing collage is revealed to the person drinking from the mug. 

My husband has a Dr Who mug similar to this, the TARDIS moves from one side of the mug and appears on the other side when he has a cup of tea. I think it's a really nice effect and will work well with a family collage on it. The magic mugs are £9.99 and are easy to design. You can pick a different coloured background and lots of pictures. I chose six because then it won't be too cramped, but there will be plenty to look at!

I then decided to make a card each, priced at £2.49. There is a great range of cards and plenty to suit all tastes. I chose a slightly soppy one for my dad (he's the sentimental one in the family). Again this was really simple to design and you can change the wording inside. The one I did for my husband is full of pictures and I really like the style.

For my husband I thought I would get one more special thing, so I designed a collage canvas. It's only 10 inches by 8 inches but is a nice size and doesn't take up much room. Some of the other canvases we own are massive. I used pictures from our recent holiday and thought it would be a lovely memento of our time away together. The collage canvas was £29.99 and I like that you can change the background colour.

Truprint's site was easy to navigate, very user friendly and quick to upload photos to. I thought the range of items was excellent and they arrived within two days of ordering, even though I was told it would be five to nine days.

For all my readers I have a discount code where you can get up to £30 off your Father's Day order. Simply add LOVEMYDAD in the box at checkout. The last date for ordering in time for Father's Day is the 15th of June. The terms of this code are as follows:

Up to £30 off your order

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P&P charges will apply
Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or on pre-paid prints.
Please allow an additional 1-2 delivery days during this promotional period.

Thank you to Truprint for sorting out Father's Day for me. This takes the pressure of me and it no longer matters how mediocre the crafts are!

Disclosure: I was provided with a £50 voucher to spend on Truprint's website for the purpose of review. The items I bought came to more than £50 and I paid for the difference. This had no impact on my post, which is honest and fair.