May Month in a Minute

I was looking forward to May. I think it has passed so quickly to spite me! We have had our family holiday and it was wonderful. Our first ever holiday away to a hotel as a family. Our children were really excited that they were guests for the week. I think the get a bit fed up sometimes with the B&B guests taking up a lot of my time. It was nice to indulge for a week, to relax whilst the children were in kids club and to read books. I don't recall the last time my husband and I chilled out like that. The only downside was sleeping on a sofabed for a week. Next time we will get a bigger room so that we get to sleep in an actual bed!

We landed back to earth with a bump and eight guests staying. Now we are full every weekend until September, so we are going to see how the summer season goes! After half term, I know I am going to have to be more organised with things for the children to do. It's a long time to spend together and I want to all still be friends by the end.

Here is my video for May, I had no idea I filmed so many flowers! It's probably indicative of the amount of time I am having to spend in the garden getting the vegetables growing.

I would love it if you want to join in. It's fantastic seeing everyone else's months and how different they all are! You can link up below via linkytools and you can also grab a blog badge from below too. I will tweet out your videos and share them on G+ too.

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