Avoiding those little 'oops' moments

Last year I was bouncing on a trampoline at 10.30pm with my aunt and sister. They were drunk and I was not! There was an awful lot of giggling and an amazement at my aunt's inability to bounce without falling over. It was very, very funny. When I recounted the experience to a mum from school, she seemed surprised that I had been jumping on a trampoline without any bladder problems. After looking into it, apparently up to sixty-nine percent of women who have had children experience some form of bladder weakness.

Lights by Tena sent me an SOS mummy survival kit to try out and, whilst I might not need all the products in the kit, I thought it was a fantastic idea.

I was sent some Bio-Oil, to "improve the appearance of small imperfections". Sadly it contains lavender, which I am allergic to, so I couldn't use. However, I handed this to a friend who has just had a baby and she was really chuffed with it. Next up, I was sent a personalised tie-up apron and I love it! I really need to start wearing an apron more often to protect myself when cooking. Especially when I am making breakfast for the B&B guests because I am forever spilling tomato juice all over myself!

There was also some antibacterial gel, to keep mine and my children's hands clean and free from germs. This is especially important after my son and I were so ill during June. We have both upped our hand washing game since then. The gel foot cushions will definitely come in use when I am next out wearing heels. I seem to recall (from a time when I had nights out) that these were a complete godsend and totally stopped my feet hurting.

The dry shampoo is fantastic for those mornings when B&B guests want their breakfast really early and I don't have time to wash my hair first. It works far better than I imagined, but it also isn't as good as actually washing my hair! I also was sent some luxury chocolate tea from teapigs. It's not often that I drink caffeine, but I am definitely happy to have that caffeine fix from chocolate tea! This is perfect for when you really feel like having some chocolate, but it doesn't have the calories! There is something very hot chocolatey about it, but again with far fewer calories. Perfect!

I also love the bag which the kit came in. It's strong and sturdy and large enough to fit plenty of shopping in. I have so many reusable shopping bags and now have enough for a store to live in my car!

Finally I was sent some Lights by Tena, which are designed for light bladder weakness.  They have been named as 'Mum's Hero Health Product' by Prima Baby and Pregnancy. Perfect if you want to bounce on the trampoline with your children! For more information, and to order free samples, check out Tena's website.

Disclosure: I was sent the kit for the purpose of this post. This had no impact on my post, which is honest and fair.