Tiggly Words and Tiggly Maths Review

There was excitement in our household as we received a bundle of goodies from Tiggly, a company who design physical smart toys which interact with a collection of tablet learning apps. The learning system changes the way that children learn, using all their senses and combining physical and digital play intuitively. We received Tiggly Math, Tiggly Words and a large soft Tiggly.

Tiggly Words comes with the vowels as the toys. It has three codes which means you can download all the apps which complement the toys. The three apps are all different and challenge different parts of your child's learning.

Tiggly Words

Tiggly Doctor looks at long and short vowels, Tiggly Tales looks at word building and story telling and Tiggly Submarine looks at spelling patterns and exploration. Tiggly Words is aimed at children aged four to eight years old, which is perfect for us because my daughter is four and my son is six. It challenges both of them at different levels.

Tiggly doctor

My children's favourite app is Tiggly Doctor, I think largely because they love seeing what is wrong with the characters and how to fix them. You have to complete action verbs in order to fix the problems with the patients. My daughter has been slightly concerned she is going to get a worm in her head though, but I have reassured her it is just pretend in the app! She has, however, really enjoyed spelling out very long words such as regulations. Since playing with the three apps, my daughter has started looking around the room and spelling out words which is incredible. She really seems to have grasped how words are formed.

Tiggly submarine

Tiggly Submarine is great fun and the children enjoy it because you can explore and choose which elements of the app you want to try out. Both children enjoyed using the vowel toys to rescue the trapped animals! Tiggly Submarine is the only app we have had a few glitches with. It sometimes struggles to start and has been freezing on our ipad.

Tiggly Math is aimed at children aged three to seven. It comes with blocks of numbers from one to five. There are three apps to go with Tiggly Math, Cardtoons encourages counting and storytelling, Tiggly Chef looks at addition and flexible thinking and Addventure looks at numberline and problem solving.

Tiggly Chef

Tiggly Chef is by far my children's favourite app in the Tiggly Maths series. They have nearly got to the third level of the app when they have been working together. Both children adore mixing together different ingredients to see what the chef creates for them. Their absolute favourite part was recording themselves saying how they had enjoyed the food. It all got very dramatic at this point!

Tiggly Math

I love watching my daughter doing maths without even realising she is doing it! We haven't really learnt any maths at home yet, although she is very good at counting. It's wonderful that Tiggly assists their development without them even realising it! All mistakes are an opportunity to learn, which is a really positive way of learning.

The characters throughout the apps are fantastic. They're funny, colourful and entertaining. Each app takes you on a different learning journey. The apps are completely versatile because you can play them with or without the toys. This is great if, for example, you are going on holiday and don't have space for the toys to come with you.

My only qualms with both Tiggly Words and Tiggly Math is that the words in them are American. Obviously that's understandable seeing as that is where the products were developed, but it has meant I have had to tell the children what the word is here. For example, in Tiggly Submarine, a lot of the fish have different names here.

Overall, these are absolutely fantastic toys and the supporting apps are really good. There are a couple of glitches currently but these are minor and I am sure they will be ironed out soon. I would highly recommend Tiggly if you have children between the ages of three and eight. Both my children have got a lot out of these apps. They really are educational and support their learning.

The giant soft Tiggly has already been to many, many places, including the dentist, who said Tiggly's teeth would grow later on. Tiggly has been a huge hit. It has even been dressed as Elsa by my daughter!

Elsa Tiggly

Tiggly launches on QVC tomorrow, the 24th of July at 9am. Tiggly is also already available on Amazon, Apple.com, and Currys. To purchase Tiggly Shapes (£24.99) click here, to purchase Tiggly Math (£24.99) click here.

Disclosure: We received Tiggly Math, Tiggly Words and a Tiggly toy for the purpose of this review. This had no impact on my post, which is honest and fair.