Comfort Intense Review #comfortintense

Running a Bed and Breakfast means we do an awful lot of washing. In fact, it was the first thing that I realised I would not be able to do all by myself. We now send out all the sheets and duvet covers, but was all the pillowcases and towels ourselves. I want our laundry to smell nice for our guests, so that when they snuggle down under the covers they are enveloped in nice smells! So when Comfort asked if I would like to try their new Comfort Intense range, I jumped at the chance.

Comfort Intense Review

These new fabric conditioners ensure that a little dose goes a long way. The smallest pack lasts for an impressive 38 washes, and the larger pack lasts for 64 washes! What with running the B&B and washing our family's clothes, the washing machine is on incredibly often in our house. So it definitely helps if the fabric conditioner we use lasts longer.

I was sent two different fragrances, Fuschia Passion and Sunburst. There are two other fragrances in the range, Fresh Sky and Ocean Pearl. Out of the two we were sent, Sunburst is my personal favourite. It smells especially good when the clothes and linen have been dried on the washing line in the sunshine!

We also received a wonderful little gardening set, which my daughter has already claimed. She loves helping out in the garden. She's not keen on the pink tools, but loves the red bag. The tools are already muddy though, so she's certainly not letting the colour get in the way of digging up weeds! We're looking forward to growing sunflowers next year (it's just a bit too late to start this year).

Comfort Intense has a RRP £3.30 for 38 washes and RRP £4.89 for 64 washes, available from all major supermarkets from July 2015. For more information, check out Comfort's website, or their Facebook page.

Disclosure: We were sent these items for the purpose of review. This had no impact on my post, which is honest and fair.