Month in a minute - July

July has been a great month. A busy month, but a really rewarding one. My husband and I celebrated our twelve year anniversary at the beginning of the month. Those years have absolutely flown by. We've been together since I was eighteen, fifteen years in total now. I know it sounds really twee, but he really is my best friend. That's enough mush for now, we don't really do romance.

I was really nervous about the school holidays starting, and we had a really busy week leading up to the holidays. There was a school fair, school summer show, leaving assembly, leaving service in church... you get the picture. It was also emotional because my daughter was finishing at her pre-school and the nursery at school. She starts school in September and it's not far away at all now! The school holidays so far have been good fun. The children are in sports camp and nursery a couple of days a week as the B&B is busy, so I need to have some time alone to clean rooms, change beds and turn the place around.

Whilst editing this month, I realised just how sunny July really was up here. We were spoilt with the weather, although it has meant that the weeds have grown huge in the garden!

Here is my video from July:

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