Persil teams up with Roald Dahl for messy adventures!

This summer Persil have teamed up with Roald Dahl to encourage messy adventures. Now as regular readers of my blog will know, my children love getting messy. My daughter seems to have an inbuilt mess button. She can go out into the garden completely clean and come back with no shoes, mud and dirt all over her and a collection of new 'friends' (generally worms, woodlice and beetles). Mess doesn't bother me or my children and I am happy in the knowledge that Persil will get their clothes clean, no matter what state they come into the house in! You can read my posts here and here, where I got jam out of clothes and also managed to get paint and glitter out of the children's clothes.

This summer you can make Roald Dahl stories come to life (hopefully not the scary ones)! Persil and the Roald Dahl Literary Estate have launched a brand new interactive story, 'My Messy Adventures', which encourages children to get outside and be the hero in their own Roald Dahl story. The story is an app which is downloaded to either a smartphone or a tablet. It is east to use and encourages children to use technology in a positive way whilst getting out and about in nature. Your children are challenged and asked to complete tasks, which are things such as collecting leaves or hunting for bugs.

Roald Dahl and Persil

We were sent a fabulous pack which included a bag, a copy of The Witches and two Roald Dahl activity packs. I decided to delve into our Roald Dahl collection and read the children Fantastic Mr Fox over The Witches. I think The Witches is a bit scary for them yet. I seem to recall being petrified by it, although perhaps that was just the film! I loved reading such a fabulous story to my children, and one which I adored when I was younger.

As a child, one of my favourite things to do was to collect woodlice and make them do assault courses made of Lego (I wasn't a normal child). I spent huge amounts of time outdoors, playing and making dens. Luckily my children have the same place to play outside that I did, giving them freedom to roam and also to collect woodlice. Luckily my son doesn't seem to have inherited my genes, but I don't think it will be long before my daughter works out she can make woodlice do interesting things!

Specially-branded Persil small & mighty wash packs are available in stores, inviting families to embark on their own Roald Dahl interactive stories this summer.  Persil will also be giving families the chance to win an exclusive Roald Dahl inspired Messy Adventure. To find out more, or to download the app, check out Persil's website.

Disclosure: We were sent the pack pictured above for the purpose of this post. This had no impact on my post, which is honest and fair.