Puffin Summer Audiobook Club

When I was younger we used to travel to Devon every year with my mum on holiday. It was a long journey from Oxford, but I have a strong memory of listening to audiobooks in the car. It was great fun and on those long journeys we easily got through an entire book, sometimes two.

My children are spoilt. They get to watch a DVD player or the iPad in the back of the car. I quite like it when they both have their own device and headphones because it means I can put the radio on and relax. When we visit family we travel over 200 miles, no matter who we are seeing.

Recently my children have started really fighting in the car. The other day we had to turn around and come home on our way to the cinema as they were behaving so poorly. So when I heard that Mumsnet have teamed up with Puffin audiobooks, I jumped at the chance to review one, thinking it would be a wonderful opportunity to see if my children could behave in the car!

We were sent Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. My children love the Disney film of this, but have never heard or read the actual story before. The audiobook is read by Sheridan Smith, who I think is a fabulous actress, and she makes it really easy to listen to her. I will admit to initially being a little sceptical that my children would actually listen to the audiobook, but they have adored a distraction in the car. It's nice that we all experience it too. I have realised that I really love being read to! I don't remember the last time someone sat and read me a story (apart from my son who does so grudgingly when he has to read his school books)!

This summer we have already travelled down to Wales and back to see my mum, and on Saturday we travel down to Oxford, then London to stay with my dad and the inlaws. The amount of time we spend in the car on these trips is at least four hours on a single journey. It's a long time to be in the car and although it's great to have the iPad, it is really nice to be able to break up that screen time with an audiobook. We were sent three audiobooks to listen to and I can't wait to get started on the other two, The Twits and The Worst Witch. The latter I remember reading avidly as a child and the former I recall being disgusted by Mr Twit's beard. In fact, it may be the reason for my dislike of beards even now!

 I genuinely don't know why I hadn't ever thought about them before for long car journeys. It seems so obvious when I look back at my childhood! Audiobooks obviously are not reserved only for long journeys. You can listen with your children before bed, or whilst they are doing crafts/drawing/painting at the kitchen table. It's a wonderful way to bond and experience a book coming alive together.

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