Save a little, Save a lot with Yorkshire Water

Yorkshire Water contacted me recently to let me know about their new campaign to Save a little, Save a lot’. They are offering customers in their region a free water saving pack. In addition to the free pack, they will donate 10p to WaterAid for every pack ordered. The pack contains a shower timer, a shower regulator, save a flush bag and tap inserts. It also comes with a really useful booklet which explains just how and where you can save water in your home and in the garden.

Yorkshire Water save water
My grandma was a keen advocate of saving water and now that I am living in her house and running her business, I understand why! We are metered for our water and running a B&B means there are an awful lot of baths being run throughout the day and night. We have solar panels on the roof which provide our hot water, but we still obviously pay for all the water we use. The save a flush which is included in the pack is a brilliant idea. You pop it into the cistern of your toilet, it expands in water and means that the toilet uses less water when it flushes. We have these installed all over the house, and have done for years. There is a particularly ancient toilet downstairs which has five of these in the cistern (it used to use an awful lot of water)!

I am making a pledge to save water wherever possible, through educating my children about water both here and around the world. The best water saving tips are the simplest ones, using less water when you boil the kettle, showering for less time each day, only using the washing machine when it is full and using a watering can instead of a hose. These are all really good water saving habits which can fit seamlessly into everyday life.

Below is a video I produced showing you how and where around your home you can save water. Please excuse the awful joke at the beginning!

To see all of Yorkshire Water's water saving tips and videos, check out their website.

Disclosure: This post is written in collaboration with Yorkshire Water, all opinions are my own and no payment was received.