Starting school with F&F uniform

This September my daughter starts school. It feels right and wrong all at the same time. She is absolutely ready to start school. She's desperate to learn. She sits with books poring over them, taking in every word but not being able to read them. It won't take her long at all. She also loves to write, forming letters and numbers with ease. One thing she is absolutely adamant about is that she won't be wearing a dress or a skirt to school. She just wants boy trousers, boy tops and boy shorts. Do you sense a theme? With six other girls in her class and only one boy, I get why she might want to try and balance things out! However, after my son spending two years in just shorts and trousers, I would love to see her wear a skirt or a dress. I had the amazing opportunity to choose her some clothes from F&F on their website and I ended up going against her wishes and choosing some more feminine items!

F&F school uniform
I had contemplated the thought that she might be disappointed, but she was actually very pleased with the items we received. The summer dress fits really well. I ordered a size 5-6 so I wasn't sure if it would fit but there is plenty of room for her to grow into it. I love that the dress comes with a matching scrunchie. The price is between £4 and £5. It zips up, making it easy for my daughter to put on by herself, which will be useful when she is having to get changed for PE at school.

F&F school uniform dress

F&F's new collection, is designed to be the easiest to care for yet, including permanent pleat trousers, super-strength and non-iron shirts, reinforced knee trousers and scuff resistant shoes. We also received a red scalloped edge cardigan with 'As New Technology', which ensures garments keep their colour and remain bobble resistant for the school year. The price for this is £4-£5.

Trying out F&F uniform

My daughter really loves the Jersey Pinafore Dress. It fits beautifully and hangs really well on her. I think we might manage to persuade her to wear a dress at school one day! The material on this is nice too, not too heavy so it's warm enough for winter but cool enough in the summer. The dress is priced between £6 and £7.

Minnie mouse shoes

I am really impressed with the Minnie Mouse shoes, which are priced between £14 and £15. I have actually bought another pair of these a size bigger for later in the school year. My daughter adores the shoes. They aren't particularly girly and look like they will last really well.

girl and cat

I know my daughter will love school. She will be with her brother and he'll keep his eye out for her. Friends from her nursery will also be there and there will not be a child in the class that she doesn't know. The school is small and friendly and I have no doubt she will flourish. I think it will be me who might need a little more help. I am going to miss having her around!

Disclosure: We were sent these items for the purpose of review. This had no impact on my post which is honest and fair.