Your YouTube #35

The video I have picked as my favourite from last week was from Jessica Cherry Blogs  who managed to make a beach Dorset look practically Mediterranean (at times)! I was also incredibly envious of the beautiful way her children play together. Possibly because my children have been fighting like anything the past couple of days! I also like that you don't like being driven anywhere, I always drive everywhere because otherwise I feel sick!

I have been filming a weekly vlog this week and I am seriously impressed with those of you who manage to do this week in week out! I know I couldn't manage it along with everything else, but I hope it will give you an insight to what it's like running a B&B and looking after children! It will be up on my channel on Monday!

As with every week, please link up in the usual way below. Make sure that you do not link up more than two videos and watch at least the host video and the one previous to your own. Please like and comment on the videos you watch, I will watch, comment and share everyone's each week.