Bake in Black Recipe Book Review

Battenberg out of hell anyone? Bake in Black is a recipe book with a twist. The twist being the combination of food and music. Bake in Black started life as a blog from a kitchen in east London and was written by a musician and food journalist. Each recipe was created whilst listening to records, aiming to capture the essence of the bands whose music inspires the bake.

Bake in Black

The music the recipes are based on is straight from my husband's iPod and he loves puns, so was impressed with the wonderful attention to detail in the book. It's the kind of music I hadn't had much contact with until I met my husband, but I now know a fair few Pantera songs! 

With my sister over from San Francisco and my mum up from Wales, I decided to try out the smoke on the rosewater gluten free recipe as they are both coeliac.

Smoke on the rosewater

The recipe was easy to follow. I made muffins as I don't own any bundt tins. I had never cooked with beetroot before, but I was excited to try as I have had plenty of success with courgettes, squash and carrots in cakes. Considering there was so much moisture in the cakes, they cooked incredibly well too. Next time I might leave them in for an extra five minutes just to ensure they're completely cooked inside!

Gluten free muffins

You couldn't taste the beetroot at all and the rosewater was a really nice and delicate flavour to top it off. It was an absolutely delicious muffin and they didn't last long once they had been made.

Next up I am going to attempt the Nirvana cheesecake, aptly named 'Big Cheese (cake)'.

Bake in Black is available at for £14.99.

Disclosure: I received a copy of Bake in Black for the purpose of review. This had no impact on my post, which is honest and fair.