Hotter Leeds - changing my perception

As a blogger I am incredibly lucky to be invited to some fabulous events. Sadly most of these are in London and due to the fact that I also run a business and have two children to get to and from school, it's not all that often that I get to go to events. So I was very excited to attend an event at the brand new Hotter store in Leeds. They are a brand I had heard of before, but have to admit to thinking they were aimed at the older generation. I was very happy to be proven wrong on that count!

Hotter Leeds
I love the colours of the store, they really stand out and the store looks really inviting. Located on Commercial Street in Leeds, it's right in the hub of shopping in Leeds. I was the first to arrive, which meant I had first dibs on the fabulous spread they had laid on for us!

Sunflowers and food Moonstone Hotter boots

Then we learned about the Hotter range and the reason for their comfort (it's millions of air bubbles in case you were wondering)! Every pair of Hotter shoes includes their comfort concept, including cushioning, flexibility, lightness and wiggle room for toes. Hotter are the UK's biggest shoe manufacturer, making a pair of shoes every 20 seconds, which is somewhat staggering.

Donna shoes Hotter

I have wide feet and was pleased to discover that Hotter have extra fit options, including wide fitting shoes. They also have different calf width fittings, which are great. I loved the autumnal colours in the range and I have to admit that I tried a huge amount of shoes that evening! I can report that they were all incredibly comfortable. The only exception to this being the Chelsea boots which were tight at the back, even when I tried on different sizes. Clearly that style just didn't suit my foot shape.

Hotter Chelsea boots

I loved the red colour Chelsea boot. It is really different to others I have seen before. I think these ranges really prove that they are no longer a brand synonymous with the older generation. They absolutely are shoes and boots that I would want to wear, and that wouldn't look out of place with other large brands.

Hotter boots

If I didn't already have a very similar pair of boots at home, I would have chosen these. They are exactly my kind of boots. I love these and think they are incredibly reasonable priced at £89. In the end, the ones I picked to come home with me are the moonstone boots (shown above next to the sunflower picture). They are incredibly cute and I love the bow on them. I went for something I wouldn't normally choose. Due to the comfort of these boots, I would be happy wearing them all day long, which I never would previously with other heeled boots.

Hotter shoes

The classic styles were really nice too and these shoes looked lovely on. If I worked in an office or needed to look smarter during the day then I would definitely purchase a pair of these. They are comfortable and look great on, a perfect combination. For more information, and to view the full range, check out Hotter's website. Thank you so much to Hotter for inviting me to the event. I had a wonderful evening.

Disclosure: I was provided with a pair of Hotter boots and an invite to the new Hotter store in Leeds for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own and are honest and fair.