Vosene Kids Review

My daughter starting school means having to do her hair every day (obviously I always brush it, but if I don't have to, then I don't style it). She has long, thick, flyaway hair and often looks as though she has been dragged through a bush backwards! I have always struggled with brushing her hair. Getting her to stay still for long enough for me to brush and then style, is pretty rare. So to say I wasn't looking forward to having to do it early in the morning in time for school is an understatement! I was sent a back to school pack by Vosene Kids to try out some of their range.

Vosene kids
We've used their de-tangling spray for about six months now so I was interested to see how this differs to the Conditioning Defence Spray. I find that as long as I remember to put it in my daughter's hair when I have washed it and it's wet then it works well. If I do, then it really helps to stop my daughter's hair being too tangled the next morning. It can also be sprayed on to dry hair and I do often end up doing this in the morning just to calm the frizz before I brush it. I am not keen on the smell, but now that I realise that this is the citronella, which is an integral part.

The 3 in 1 shampoo leaves my children's hair incredibly clean and shiny. I also think it is absolutely brilliant that there are natural lice repellents in it (tea tree and lemon eucalyptus oils). Luckily neither of my children have had headlice, but if their shampoo can repel the blighters, then that's brilliant.

The absolute godsend within the pack is a tangle teezer. I can't begin to describe how much easier this has made brushing my daughter's hair. It's incredible. I have no idea what magic lies behind it, but hair brushing has become an entirely tolerable task in the morning. I think I will definitely need to buy another of these just in case we lose one.

Frustratingly, since my daughter started school she has decided that she doesn't like having a gorgeous French plait, or a lovely pony tail. In fact, she has taken out every hairband, bobble or hairstyle that I have done for her and has come home with unruly cavegirl hair each day!

I would recommend these products to use on your children's hair. I think the fact that they have lice repellent in them can only be a good thing. For more information, check out their website. Vosene Kids are available to purchase from high street stores and major supermarkets. Thethe 3-in-1 Shampoo (250ml) has an RRP of £2.49 and the Conditioning Spray (150ml) has an RRP of £3.29.

Disclosure: I received this pack for the purpose of this post. All opinions are my own, and are honest and fair.