Week 133 - What has made me happy

It's fair to say that I am really enjoying having What has made me happy back again. Looking for those little things which make you smile, remember someone or something. It just feels nice. This week saw the return of Doctor Who, so we celebrated with Prosecco (and sleepless nights due to random dreams)! It was our first week which was relatively chilled out at the B&B, and I'm looking forward to a few more like this in the future.

Here's what has made me happy this week...

Fresh vegetables

  • Fresh vegetables from the garden. It is so nice being able to pop outside and pick/pull up something for tea.

Yorkshire Dales sunrise

  • Gorgeous sunny mornings. We have had a wonderful sunny week up here. I know it hasn't been great in a lot of the rest of the UK, so I am incredibly grateful to see some sunshine for once!

Fairy hotel

  • My daughter decided that this pile of mushrooms was a fairy hotel. It certainly looked pretty magical with the sun shining down on it.

Yorkshire Dales
  • Looking out of the window and seeing such a fabulous view. I am truly blessed getting to live here. No matter how hard I work or how little I get paid. I get to see this every day.

Bake in black   Hotter shoes moonstone

  • Baking a recipe from Bake in Black, a recipe book I have been sent to review. It's a fabulous concept for a recipe book (and there will be a post on it soon).
  • Choosing the most fabulous boots from Hotter at a special event (again, there will be a post in the next couple of days).

Yorkshire Dales sunrise

  • A stunning sunrise which swept across the valley. It was absolutely breathtaking.

 The football game  Winston Churchill 1940s weekend

  • Playing the football game with my son (whilst having a cup of tea). He's very competitive.
  • Seeing Winston Churchill at the 1940's weekend. The children loved the whole feel of the festival.

Grassington 1940's weekend
  • The 1940's weekend was a wonderful success. It's such a relaxed and informal weekend with the most wonderful people.

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What has made me happy