Week 134 - What has made me happy

It's been a busy and full week. We had a full B&B during the week and also this weekend for Yarndale, a festival of creativity which takes place in Skipton. We had such fabulous feedback from the majority of our guests, and one group have already booked in for next year, which is the highest praise you can get I guess! This week I have found that I have missed my daughter a bit. I didn't think I would when she started school but I really enjoy her company at the moment. It's been a bit odd for me to get used to being alone every day at home, knocking around in this huge house! I am busy, which certainly helps though.

Without further ado, here's what has made me happy this week...

Slow roasted pork
  • I'm still getting used to the Aga, but it's incredibly good for slow cooking. We ate this pork around 28 hours later and it was so soft and delicious. I love using herbs from the garden too.

  • Picking gorgeous autumnal flowers from the garden. These are such stunning colours and go perfectly with the wooden table in the hallway to greet the guests.
  • Seeing these alpacas at Yarndale. We had to go and see them quite a few times as they were my daughter's absolute favourite.
Brewers Fayre flooringBee on flower  

  • Finding the bees hard at work in the garden. It's nice and warm, so they are out in force at the moment.
  • Having lunch out at the Brewers Fayre near Keighley (review to follow soon). I just loved the flooring in the soft play area.

craft creation
  • My daughter's crafting creation. She came to a craft event in Leeds with me and made this bird. I was so impressed with her behaviour, she did me proud!


  • Sitting down for a few hours and crafting. I don't often get this opportunity, but I really enjoyed it, and learned a new skill too!

ConkerSkipton canal  

  • Walking along the canal to the train station. I really miss living so close to the canal and the ducks!
  • Finding a vicious looking conker in the garden. It wasn't ready inside yet, but I love it when the conkers start falling off. We collected hundreds last year!

Next socksFour year old drawing  

  • My daughter's drawings. Since she started school we she has been drawing every morning and evening. It's wonderful and so lovely to see her creative side!
  • Wearing my new socks from Next. I will admit that I was jealous of my children's animal socks, so now I have some of my own!

Yorkshire Dales sunflare

  • We seem to be having a bit of an Indian summer up here at the moment, with the most beautiful warm days. Yesterday we even ate ice cream in the park after school! It's so nice to see the sun.

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What has made me happy