What has made me happy - week 132

It has been a ridiculously long time since I have done a 'What has made me happy post'. I have been happy, just incredibly busy. But I realise that this is an important part of my life, and something that I absolutely want to continue. It's been a good but long summer. This past week has seen my daughter start school, a huge moment in all of our lives. She loves it and I am so happy to see her blossoming.

Here's what has made me happy this week...

Countryside traffic jam

  • Getting caught up in a typical countryside traffic jam. It's moments like these which make you enjoy pausing and taking time to look at the nature around us. 

superglued fingers Gorgeous yorkshire dales view
  • Getting my fingers freed after accidentally super-gluing them together. I also managed to stick a metal block on to my fingers too. It was so embarrassing.
First day of school
  •  My daughter finishing her first day at school. She has absolutely adored being there, although she has been totally shattered every day. I love seeing her skip home after a day of learning.
big girl bed sheep in the field
  •  I finally finished painting my daughter's new big girl bed. It looks so nice, and absolutely massive compared with her toddler bed.
  • Having sheep in the field again. It's so nice to see them there, they truly feel like part of the furniture and I love how inquisitive they are.
rugby world cup tickets
  •  Receiving my tickets for the Rugby World Cup. My son and I are really looking forward to going to our first ever World Cup match together. 
Tooth fairy homegrown sweetcorn
  •  My son lost his second tooth and now has a big gap at the bottom of his mouth. He is so pleased about losing teeth like his friends.
  • Growing my own sweetcorn. This tasted absolutely delicious and I am really proud of having grown it all myself!
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What has made me happy