Your YouTube #39

Hello and welcome to Your YouTube. Many thanks to Lisa for asking me to co-host with her. I loved seeing all your videos over the summer and I'm looking forward to seeing what you upload in the future.

The video I have picked from those of you who linked up last week is from Chez Mummy. It's her first weekend vlog and I really enjoyed watching it. In fact, I loved watching all of your videos this week. It's been nice being able to have some time to enjoy YouTube again now that schools are back. When my children are here, I am stuck with watching 'Let it Goat', and various versions thereof!

As with every week, please watch and comment on the host video and also the video which is linked up before yours. That way we all get lots of comments and we can share each other's hard work! I have linked up my second ever weekly vlog. I really enjoy making them, but they certainly are hard work and require a hell of a lot of editing!