Hot Wheels Nitrobot Attack Review

What's better than a Hot Wheels track? A Hot Wheels track which includes a giant robot made out of cars, that's what! Can you defeat the robot? You can use the fire engine launcher to try to hit the robot from different angles. The set comes with one car, but it's definitely best to use some more cars if you have them.

Hot Wheels Nitrobot Attack

Out of all the sets we have, this is one of the easiest Hot Wheels sets to put together. Honestly some of them confuse even me, and I'm pretty good at putting stuff together. My son loves this track. It's good fun to play with and it's great that there are so many different options you can choose to put it together. You add it to other track as well and we used it to make it the climax to a race. My daughter thought it was absolutely hilarious that you can knock the Nitrobot's head off!

Hot Wheels Nitrobot Attack head

I really enjoyed the way the robot can lift up part of the track and holds a car in the other hand too. It adds to the game play that you can rescue the trapped car. My son also enjoyed the fire engine launch pad. It's a nice touch.

Nitrobot Attack

This Hot Wheels set gets a huge thumbs up from all of us. It's definitely my favourite set so far. It's really interactive and encourages imaginative play. The set retails at £29.99, is suitable for ages 4+ and includes 1 die-cast car. For further information check out Hot Wheel's website.

Disclosure: I received this product for the purpose of review. This had no impact on my post, which is honest and fair. Amazon link is affiliate.