Megableu Halloween Game Review

Megableu sent us some scary Halloween games to try out this week. We've enjoyed trying them out and think they would make fantastic toys for a Halloween party!

Megableu games
First up we played Creepy Hand. The hand requires 3xAA batteries and when turned on it turns around the table and points to a player. The player then picks a card and has to do a truth or dare. If they don't complete their task sufficiently, they have to do the forfeit written at the bottom of the card.

Scary hand

This game was great fun, although I think it will be better if we play with more people because my daughter is possibly a bit too small. We are going to take this one on holiday with us to play with another family as I think this could get really silly! Creepy Hand retails at £25.99.

Ghost hunt

Next up was Ghost Hunt Evolution. This requires 4xAA batteries for Billy Bones and 3xAAA batteries for the gun. You put on your multi-vision glasses, which are great fun in themselves, and then Billy Bones projects bats and ghosts onto the wall whilst turning round. You have to shoot the ghosts and bats. The gun recognises when you hit them and registers your score. There are three difficulty levels, although we have only played the easiest one!

Rainbow light

We played this in my children's bedroom which is really dark. It was great fun and both children really enjoyed it. I have to admit that it was great fun. It reminded me of a couple of rides we've been on at theme parks. One thing we didn't realise straight away was that you could reload the gun after ten shots by pressing the button on the top of the gun. Once we worked this out our scores were a lot higher!

ghost on wall

It's good fun to play and it's great that you can play as a family. Obviously it only works in the dark, so make sure you have somewhere which can be made dark, or play at night! Ghost Hunt retails at £29.99.