Paul Rankin's Saving our Sausage!

I was invited to a meal in Manchester with the Michelin star chef Paul Rankin last week. You know, just your average Thursday evening. We were there to be treated to a new range of sausages which aims to bring good quality food to the family table.

Paul Rankin sausage on stick
When we arrived we were greeted with sausages on sticks and sausage rolls with gluten-free pastry, although not gluten free sausage inside! These tasted really nice and it was lovely to sit and chat for a bit with some lovely bloggers I haven't met before.

Silly sausage

We played a game at the beginning of the evening, guessing which sausage facts were true or false. It was good fun and we picked up some excellent sausage knowledge. For example, did you know that the record for the most sausages eaten is held by a New Zealander who ate eight whole sausages! I definitely don't fancy attempting that record!

Paul Rankin cooking

Paul Rankin was absolutely delightful and kept the room captivated, even when faced with the fact that he couldn't do the live cooking demonstration due to the room not being suitable! Paul's new sausage range is a traditional Irish recipe which is higher quality than other leading supermarket ranges. We were served bangers and mash with onion gravy and I have to admit that the sausages really were delicious. 

Bangers and mash

My children have both really enjoyed the sausages. They are my daughter's favourite meal and one of the only things that both children will eat together. I have also served these to the B&B guests, who were very impressed with them and ate every last bit, which is always the best indicator!

Rankin selection irish family pork sausage

The Rankin selection Irish Family Pork Sausage has a trial price of just £1.75. This is a bargain price for a real quality sausage. I would definitely recommend trying them out.

 Disclosure: I was treated to a meal in Manchester for the purpose of this post. This had no impact on this post, which is honest and fair.