Week 137 - What has made me happy

What a week! It has been a full-on but absolutely incredible. We have had a wonderfully busy week in the B&B but had such nice people staying, which meant that it was an absolute pleasure to host them. On Thursday I had an exciting meeting in the morning (more on that later this week), then I went to Manchester for an event about a new app on money management for children. I got to meet Sarah Willingham, from  Dragon's Den, who was one of the most inspiring women I have met. She is insanely nice, very intelligent and totally down to earth. What a combination! Later that afternoon I met Michelin star chef Paul Rankin and got to meet some wonderful bloggers. I wasn't home until gone 11pm that night, but it truly was an incredible day!

Here is what else has made me happy this week...

Baby BruceStaring sheep

  • These sheep in a field. They were all staring in the same direction which really made me giggle!
  • My daughter holding Bruce the cat like a baby. Poor Bruce does put up with a lot.

autumn leaves

  • Gorgeous autumn colours. I absolutely love this time of the year. The colours, smells and crispness is just fabulous. 

Linton Falls
  • Stopping and appreciating for a moment how absolutely stunning the area we live in is. I love being here and getting to see this scenery on a daily basis.

Playing pooh sticksLakeland tea break
  • My children playing pooh sticks. Why is it that the simple games are the best? I love watching them play like this and for some reason they don't tend to argue during it either.
  • Stopping for a moment to chill out, have a cup of tea, an M&S bun and a quick skim of the Lakeland Catalogue. Ten minutes of absolute bliss.

Misty Yorkshire Dales

  •  Breathtakingly beautiful mornings. I am pretty sure I shall be saying this fairly regularly for the next few weeks!

  • I took this picture yesterday on the way back from school. My uncle was burning leaves, so there was smoke in the distance which is what made the sun rays look so fabulous. I just love this capture and think this will be a potential canvas print in the future!

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What has made me happy