Your YouTube #43

The video I have chosen this week is from Jessica Avey, who discusses what it is like to deal with a partner who works away. I am so lucky that my husband doesn't have to spend time away with work. I totally understand what Jessica means about routine going out of the window though. I put the children to bed and get them up every day and when my husband is working from home we are absolutely always late for school. I have no idea how that happens, surely having two of us around means we could get things done twice as quickly. When my husband is occasionally away, I always end up eating a baked potato for tea because I can't be bothered to cook, so I definitely see where Jessica is coming from on that front.

Huge thanks to everyone who joined in with the #YourYouTube chat on Sunday night. It was lovely to chat to you all about vlogging and share hints and tips. The chat will be at 8pm every Sunday so be sure to follow the hashtag #YourYoutube to join us this week!

On to the reason you're here, please link up no more than two video. Ensure you watch and comment on the host video and the video before your own so that way we all get some likes and comments.