Lights by Tena and those oooops moments

It was only when I was discussing with a friend that I was attending an event organised by Lights by Tena that I realised just how common bladder weakness is. My friend admitted that since having children she had struggled with the ability to hold on until she gets to the toilet, and can't bounce on trampolines any more. I genuinely thought people just said that to get out of bouncing on trampolines! Certainly in the first few weeks after having children I couldn't laugh or sneeze without a little accident, or an Oooops moment as they have handily been named. 

gin cocktail

An event where I am greeted with cocktails is a winner in my book. We were invited to London for afternoon tea and a bit of pampering. I chose a pedicure and was really looking forward to some time out from home. I always love visiting London as I lived there before my husband and I got married and it's nice to re-visit places. It was lovely to catch up with some lovely bloggers, and to meet some new ones too!

In fact, recent research by Lights by Tena showed that light bladder weakness is as common as mis-sending a text. I know I have done that before and sadly the person I was having a moan about was sitting right next to me! The research showed that of the 51 per cent of women who admitted to experiencing light bladder weakness, Oooops moments often occur as a result of unexpected leaks. These can be triggered by everyday activities such as sneezing, coughing or laughing.

Finger sandwiches

We soon got down to business and were shown a demonstration of how much liquid a lights by Tena pad held, compared with a competitor. It was incredible and absorbed far more than the rival brand. The lights by Tena was also far thinner than the other. It drew the liquid away from the top of the pad, leaving it dry to touch, which must be far more comfortable to wear. The liners were also surprisingly slim. They have a special 'FeelFresh Technology™' which ensures the topsheet stays dry. It also locks in all moisture and odour. Thankfully they are not scented either.

Afternoon tea

After the demonstration, it was time to be pampered. The pedicure was lovely, aside from the technician cutting my toes by accident! I chose a really deep royal blue for my nails, which looks wonderful on. I also did very well not to be ticklish! Then came the afternoon tea, which was absolutely delicious and such a treat. We spent the rest of the afternoon chatting and the time flew by. It was soon time to head home. 

Hearing how common light bladder weakness is, made me more determined to regularly do pelvic floor exercises. Luckily lights by Tena have brought out a new free app for your phone to help you do just that. It shows you how to do pelvic floor exercises and even gives you reminders to do the exercises. The app is called My Pff (my pelvic floor fitness) and can be downloaded onto your phone from the iStore and Google Play. One last thing I learned was that you can order Lights by Tena online at

Lights by Tena goody bag

Huge thanks to Lights by Tena for the absolutely amazing goody bag. I felt so spoilt opening this up when I got home! I have always wanted a waffle dressing gown for summer. Thank you so much. It was such a wonderful day and I had an amazing time.

I also vlogged my trip down to London with lights by Tena as part of my weekly vlog and you can watch that below.