October Month in a Minute

Wow October, you really did whizz past. A proper blink and you'll miss it month. But what a month!

October is my favourite month of the year, largely because it's my birthday in October. I guess that's a pretty good reason to love a month. It's also the month when the colours are the most vibrant, the sun shines down and the leaves crunch underfoot when you walk along the street.

This month has had ups and downs. Bruce (the cat) was poorly and spent a couple of nights at the vets. He is much better now thankfully. We had yet another busy month in the B&B, although we managed to take the last weekend off which meant we could have a few days away.

We went to Center Parcs in Holland because it worked out ridiculously cheaper (including travel) than a break in the UK at the same time. I will write up a review on it soon as it was absolutely fantastic and I would highly recommend it.

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