YT Club Flexi Tripod Review

I have been vlogging regularly for around a year now and am really enjoying it. If you want to check out my YouTube channel, you can do so here. I bought a really lightweight tripod which I have used for the past year. It's OK but it's not very sturdy, and I have to attach my mobile phone to it with an elastic band! I certainly wouldn't take it out and about with me as I didn't feel it would be up to much! I was asked to review the YT Club Flexi tripod, which is a brand new product. It has a universal mobile phone attachment and you can also use it for your DSLR and point and shoot camera.

YT Flexi Tripod
The only problem with my order was that I ordered the black tripod but received the black and pink. In all honesty, I don't mind, but I can see why you might be put off by that. I imagine that the return procedure would be simple and easy to follow though. The tripod is compact and comes in a small box with the mobile phone adaptor attached to the top. For me this is definitely the most important part and the bit I will be using the most.

What they say
FIRM & FLEXIBLE LEGS: Especially designed with the creative in mind. Wrap the 3 legs of the tripod around virtually anything you can think of. Your only limit is your imagination

HIGH QUALITY: The YT CLUB mini tripod is perfect for making professional youtube videos and taking stunning photos

UNIVERSAL: This tripod comes with a removable, universal phone holder which means you can attach any phone or compact camera. Simply pop out the quick release plate to easily interchange between different devices.

ENHANCED STABILITY: The special rubber design means your phone or camera will be secure and the tripod will not tip over or mark objects.

ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES: The 360 degree screw head means you can record your precious moments in landscape, portrait or any other angle you want

I have found it very simple to attach the tripod to different things around the house. In the dining room it attached to the top of a dining table very securely, it balanced well on the stairs and even attached to a lamp in the hallway. My favourite thing about the YT Club tripod is it's versatility. You can use it standing still or attached in some crazy way to something and it still does the job in exactly the same way!

This product retails at £29.99 although it is currently (24.11.15) on offer at £19.99. You can purchase one from Amazon. I really recommend the YT Club Flexi Tripod. It's so easy and flexible to use and makes filming different scenarios far simpler.

You can watch my video review below.

Disclosure: I received the YT Club Flexi Tripod for the purpose of review. This had no impact on my post, which is honest and fair.