Eureka at Christmas

Last Sunday we spent a magical day at Eureka in Halifax. My children are four and six and Eureka is one of their absolute favourite places to visit. It was made extra special by the fact that throughout December, you can meet Santa and his elves and receive a gift for each child (at an additional cost of £3 per child per visit. There is also an interactive Christmas show which is free and aimed at children aged 3-7. The show is on each weekend until the 3rd of January.

Meeting Santa at Eureka
Father Christmas was absolutely wonderful and his knowledge of different toy types was incredible! I was seriously impressed (as were the children). It was a really lovely experience and both children are still playing with the gift they were given!

Eureka All about me

Our trip around Eureka was great. Both children had time to spend looking, playing and learning. We were there for around four hours and could still have easily spent more time there. They were both really looking forward to chatting to the robot and my daughter had been thinking up questions for him in the car! He said he was two, just in case you were wondering, and he does like cats!

Rat boy at Eureka

Due to the fact that it wasn't too busy, there were no queues to try out exhibits and in the real life section the children had plenty of uniforms to try on and loads of places to act out different roles. They both loved being in the bank and the post office but the pod system between the shop and garage was the highlight of the whole area! I tried explaining to them that we used to have a system like that in the hospital I worked in, but they were too busy using it to listen to me!

We were also treated to a science show and a party lunch. Both were really fantastic. The quality of the food was great and the science show was really informative and very inclusive. The experiments were great fun and it was great to watch them, especially the ones with an added element of risk!

Please feel free to check out my video of our day out at Eureka. I would highly recommend a visit. We had an absolutely amazing day and will definitely be returning again in the future. To find out more, check out Eureka's website.

Disclosure: We were provided with free entry to the museum, the show, meeting Father Christmas and lunch for the purpose of this review. This had no impact on my post, which is honest and fair.