Month in a Minute - November

I thought I would get loads done in November. My uncle, and business partner was away in Goa for the month and I had loads of plans. I was going to paint the bathroom, paint the new plaster behind the AGA, clear the garden up and dig up the vegetable garden ready for winter. I haven't done any of it. Well, I cut the asparagus back but that was as close to the garden as I got. It simply hasn't stopped raining up here and I haven't had a chance to get out in the garden to work!

It's been a quiet month in the B&B too, with a few cancellations and some no-shows. It has been quite nice though just to have the place to ourselves! It's nice to be able to spend the weekends focusing on the children and spending more time with them than normal. I do find it hard running a B&B as it means I miss out on time with them at the weekends.

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