December Month in a Minute 2015

Oh my goodness me. December was busy! We had a very full B&B and I had totally forgotten how manic that last week of school term is. I think I went to five different plays/performances, baked cakes and biscuits and managed to keep the children relatively sane. To be honest, they haven't been that great during the Christmas holidays, it's that heady mix of excitement and lack of routine which seemingly makes my children wake at 6am rather than the 7.30am wake up during term time. They have been tired and a little bit grumpy and I have joined them in both! In spite of this, we have had a lovely December. There have been a few days that we could get out and go on really nice long walks and it was lovely visiting my mum down in Wales. I also particularly enjoyed watching my sister open her stocking via Skype as she's in San Francisco.

Luckily the B&B is quiet (so far) in January and February, so I will be working on updating a few rooms and hopefully sorting out a guest lounge, as we find it difficult that we don't have a living room when we have guests in. As ever, I look forward to seeing your videos!

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