Snowdrops, frost and fighting cats!

What has made me happy? Oh my goodness it has been a long time since I have written one of these. In fact, it appears that I stopped writing them the week that I was told I had skin cancer. That most definitely didn't make me very happy, so it seems fitting that's the last time I did this. December passed in a blur of work and Christmas and, well, just stuff. I sometimes wonder where a whole month can go! I have been asked to start doing these posts again (before you ask, yes it was my mum who requested it), so I am going to make them a weekly feature again. However, I'm not going to run this as a linky any more. I have been posting these for nearly two years now and I do really enjoy writing them but I have found that fewer and fewer people have joined in and running a linky was just a bit stressful. So this is just going to be for me, and all of you reading (ok, just you and me mum)! Here is what has made me happy this week.

Steak sandwich Keelham Farm
Lunch out with my husband. We now get a day off a week together and we're starting to get used to spending time together again. It's really nice to be able to have this time together as we don't have babysitters on hand and rarely go out together.

swinging in the sunset

On Mondays my son is now at a sports after school club and it means that my daughter and I get about 45 minutes together. It's lovely not to have to break up any arguments and just to concentrate on one of them for a bit. This week we were outside playing as the sun set. The light was a perfect golden colour and my daughter's giggles could be heard across the fields.

Yorkshire Dales sunrise

Waking up to a freezing cold morning with spectacular skies! My son shouted up to me, "mummy, you NEED to come and take a picture of the sky NOW". I love that he spots a good shot. The sky was glorious all morning and the frost really added to the atmosphere.

First snowdrops

I love seeing the first snowdrops come out. They are early this year, but it still feels like an age since there has been anything growing in the garden. The crocuses and aconites will be next, followed swiftly by the daffodils, tulips and hyacinths. I adore the flowers in the next few months and I can't wait for them to start flowering.

Cats fighting in a box

Our cats, Bruce and Bella fighting in a box. Bruce just looked a bit ridiculous standing on his back legs lashing out occasionally. I swear the cats enjoy boxes just as much as the children!

Frost on grass

Taking a close look at frost on grass in the garden. It's incredible when you look closely and see each individual spike of ice. Nature really is amazing when you stop for a moment and take it in.

Copper bathroom

Ok, so I don't usually go round toilets taking pictures of the decor, but this bathroom was just so pretty that I couldn't help it. I love the detail of the tiles and the brick with the belfast sinks and antique mirrors. There were also copper hand dryers which were rather beautiful.

I will be posting these posts every Tuesday, making sure that I look for things which make me happy in the most obscure of places. I hope you have a wonderful week.