Baby Born Interactive Unicorn Review

Imagine, if you will, a magical unicorn, wistfully strolling through a magical forest. Now that image can become a reality thanks to Baby Born's Interactive Unicorn. My daughter has been putting it through it's paces. 

Baby Born Unicorn

The Baby Born Interactive Unicorn retails at £34.99. It comes with a grooming brush, decorative comb and colourful clip-on hair strands. This means you can style its long, glossy mane over and over again. There are also stickers in the box for your child to decorate the unicorn. My daughter thought this was a brilliant addition and has really enjoyed using the stickers. 

Unicorn with a temperature

Your BABY born® is able to stay upright on the accompanying saddle which means that the unicorn has many different levels of play and can be enjoyed with other toys too. My daughter has really enjoyed playing doctors with the unicorn. I can report the unicorn is feeling much better than it was before it went to hospital!

If you press the unicorn's horn, then it plays a cheerful melody (warning, this can get slightly annoying if you're over about 12)! Batteries are included in the pack, which is always really useful. We have had an incident with the unicorn's mane, meaning that it is now slightly shorter. It's the first toy my daughter has had which has hair and the temptation to cut it was just too great. Now that she realises it won't grow back, she's rather disappointed. Hopefully a lesson learned!

My daughter has really enjoyed the Baby Born Interactive Unicorn. I have loved watching the way she plays with it and the different scenarios and uses of imagination it has conjured up. I think this is a great toy and would definitely recommend it.

Disclosure: We received this product for the purpose of review. This had no impact on my post, which is honest and fair.