Happy Galentine's Day! #MacaronManicure

 Happy Galentine's Day! What on earth is that? Well, to be honest I didn't know either. That is until I was asked to throw a macaron manicure party with my best girlfriends just to celebrate our friendship. We were sent some fabulous goodies by Brioche Pasquier, including their new range of macarons and citron tart.

Brioche Pasquier macarons
Sadly my best friend of *cough* twenty-six years, lives in London and couldn't make it. Instead, we invited some of my daughter's friends round. There are seven girls in her class at school, including her, and only one boy. I get the feeling she'll be having Galentine's parties for many years to come!

Brioche Pasquier

My very best friend went through a really tough time recently and I took to Facebook to ask for advice on what I could send her to cheer her up. Flowers, cake, balloon in a box were all fantastic suggestions (and I sent them all). But the one that stood out to me was to write her a letter. You see me and my best friend invented a code when we were at school. I had completely forgotten about it until someone suggested the letter. The code was clever. We both wrote in a different, but similar, code. So if a teach found our note, they might think they had worked part of it out, but as soon as they saw the response, they would be flummoxed. It worked. They never cracked our code. Out of all the things I sent my friend over the course of two weeks, the coded letter was the one she loved the most. It's something that only she and I understand and that binds us in a stronger way than I thought possible. 

Painting nails

I think celebrating female friendships is a great idea. We don't let each other know how much we love our friendships and it's really important to keep them going. This afternoon we have all really enjoyed painting our nails, eating macarons and just appreciating each other. My daughter and her friends loved having their nails painted. Yellow came out as the surprising favourite colour.

lemon macaron

 I have to admit the macarons are absolutely melt-in-the-mouth delicious. They are so good and I would highly recommend them. The flavours are really strong, which is nice in a macaron as often there is just a hint of flavour. The citron tart got the thumbs up from my husband who loved how the lemon flavour comes through.

Macaron Manicure

It was only as the party finished that I realised the nail varnishes matched the colour of the macrons! Huge thanks to Come Round for organising the Macaron Manicure party. We've had so much fun this afternoon and I think we'll be celebrating Galentine's Day again. Tasting these macarons has got me very excited about our trip to France on Tuesday!

Disclosure: We received party packs and Brioche Pasquier macarons and Citron Tart for the purpose of this post. This had no impact on my post, which is honest and fair.